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Welten der Romantik The Worlds of Romanticism Exhibition in Vienna Austria


When, just over a year ago, the fine exhibition of 'Welten der Romantik', 'The Worlds of Romanticism' opened its doors (which lasted until February 2016), it was the extraordinary Caspar David Friedrich with his famous 'The Stages of Life' which was displayed at the entrance.

2017 The Year of Piet Mondriaan


When in the year 1917 De Stijl was finally created, after Theo van Duisburg had already brought together artists for founding a journal since 1915, nobody could know that this was becoming one of the most influential modern and still contemporary art, craft and design movements of the 20th and the early 21st centuries. Piet Mondriaan ( 7.3.1872 1.2.1944, as he had called himself, instead of Mondrian, during his stay in Paris from 1912) was an early bird of this movement. After early paintings wh

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