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23/11/2016 - 1 Comments
Posted by Corinna Jaune

2017 The Year of Piet Mondriaan

When in the year 1917 De Stijl was finally created, after Theo van Duisburg had already brought together artists for founding a journal since 1915, nobody could know that this was becoming one of the most influential modern and still contemporary art, craft and design movements of the 20th and the early 21st centuries. Piet Mondriaan (7.3.1872 – 1.2.1944, as he had called himself, instead of Mondrian, during his stay in Paris from 1912) was an early bird of this movement. After early paintings which, for example, were exhibited by David Zwirner, Early Mondrian Painting 1900-1905 from 26.11.2015-23.1.2016 in New York), he was particularly inspired, as so many others, by the proximity of Theosophy, Mathematics and Art. One of the sources of inspiration was Mathieu Hubertus Josephus Schoenmaekers (1312.1875-18.12. 1944), himself a theosophist and mathematician who lived in Laren, where the community of artists gathered. Schoenmaekers book from 2015 The New Image of the World and the other of 1916 on Principles of Plastic Mathematics made Mondriaan himself write a series of chapters during the years 1917/8 under the general title The New Plastic in Painting. With it, he not only cemented a basis for his own art theory, but he also paved the way for the new movement of De Styl that was inaugurated at Leiden in the year 2017. 
Right from the start, De Styl as well as Mondriaan's personal work, was not limited to painting or art work in the more limited sense, but together with poets and architects, they aspired to have a practical influence and broadened their ideas to incorporate design. One of the best known members of the group became the architect Gerrit Rietveld in the year 1918:
Red and Blue Chair designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1917As part of the celebration to commemorate the inauguratino of this important art and design movement which influenced the Bauhaus in Weimar, Dresden, Berlin and the States, the Gemeentemuseum will host a full year long a special series of events and an exhibition titled Mondrian to Dutch Design. 100 years of De Stijl. With its own renowned collection of Mondriaan and Mondrian works, it will be a magnet during that year, but it will also bring together from around the world a Mondrian exhibition with over 300 pieces. One of the wonders of Mondrian is his lasting presence on design. Until today, and we guess into the lasting future, people will enjoy the passion of Mondrians designs, be it on homeware, cloths or, as here as cufflinks.
Mondriaan Design CufflinksI can only recommend a special tour to The Hague, Gemeentemuseum in 2017!

Mondrian to Dutch Design exhibition 2017 

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Markus Vinzent - 23/11/2016

not sure, this is the right chair for writing books on it, but it is certainly the right place for inspirations


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