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23/11/2016 - 0 Comments
Posted by Corinna Jaune

Welten der Romantik The Worlds of Romanticism Exhibition in Vienna Austria

No wonder, because there are few art movements and styles that have so closely interrelated life and arts. The art work itself can be seen at the Museum der bildenden Künste at Leipzig, itself one of the stunning museums.

Leipzig, Museum der Bildenden KünsteThe Painting by Caspar David Friedrich 'The Stages of Life' is one of the best known pictures of its collection, it is held together with other German Masters like Andreas Achenbach from the important and famous school of painting of the Rheinland city of Duesseldorf, then you will find also works by Max Klinger and the expressionist Max Beckmann. Here the image of Friedrich:

Caspar David Friedrich 'The Stages of Life'
As few other images, this play between the all encompassing see, the small spot, on which the family with the three generations have to stay, the children with the national flag - it displays the criticism of the fragile attempt at clinging at nationalism in contrast to the open see. No more than children's play this typical 19th century fight for land and security it is, while ships are coming and going, as does life where nothing holds, except what the sea is prepared to not flood. As this image shows, Romanticism cannot easily, as is often done, be equated with a conservative or even right wing mind, there is more to it, as this exhibition has clearly highlighted. Of course, the artists displayed dreams, visions, abysses, but they also deal with a great variety of topics and approach them from often contradictory angles. Perhaps the distinction that was made in Vienna between Catholic and Protestant artists was not the only one that one could have made out.

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