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Arts In History is the One Stop Shop to dive into the world of art replica and souvenirs

We have started a few years ago to present replicas for universities and schools, having chosen the best replica producers in the UK and Germany, and since then have moved to incorporate souvenirs and replica from museum-shop collections from around the world. The growing shop will provide you with most outstanding products, always authentically reproduced, brand new and fully working. They have helped in numerous open days of universities, in school and university classes, as props in prominent films, designs for shops in Paris and elsewhere and are the delights of many homes around the world. As we also sell on Amazon and ebay, you will find the highest customer satisfaction (100%), as we promise to always deliver to your satisfaction, and - if something goes missing on the way to you, we will replace it or give you a full refund, no questions asked.

The perfect gift - a unique souvenir

Look out for that gift and souvenir that reminds you of a unique visit, holiday or your special day. A replica will always be a perfect gift, ideal for any occasion and welcomed by all those who enjoy having the historical touch with the kick of something unusual.

Your Arts in History Team

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