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50 Mixed Roman Replica Bronze Coins


Carefully designed collector's item: Set of Replica Roman Bronze Coins

You will get 25 each of two coins:

Bronze As of Antoninus Pius, "BRITANNIA":

The As (Latin) was a bronze (later copper) coin used during the Roman Republic and Roman Empire.

The As of Antoninus Pius (AD 154 - AD 155) reflects his political history: although his reign was the most peaceful reign in the entire history of Rome, notwithstanding there were several military disturbances throughout the Empire in his time, in especially in Britannia. It was in Britain that Antoninus decided to follow a new, more aggressive path.

Obverse: laureate head of Antoninus Pius, right, with the inscription: ANTONINVS [AVG PI] VS P P TR P XVIII

Reverse: Britannia, wearing cloak and breeches, seated, left on rock, head propped on right hand, left hand on rock: to left, round shield and transverse vexillum. The inscription on the reverse: BRITANNIA COS IIII (left to right round edge) S C

Antoninus Pius - A reproduction of an As coin with the laureate head of Antoninus Pius on the obverse and Britannia seated on a rock on the reverse

Dupondius of Hadrian, “AETERNITAS AVGVSTI”:

The dupondius (Latin two-pounder) was a brass roman coin used during the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. It valued at 2 aes (1/2 of a sestertius or 1/8 of a denarius).

The dupondius of Hadrian was stricken in Rome in AD 119–123. The historical contexts of the coin of dupondius of Hadrian explains his purposes. Early in his reign, Hadrian needed to assert his political legitimacy. He wanted to show himself the rightful successor of Trajan, his adoptive father. As Hadrian returned to Rome from the east without sufficient recognition, he minted, to self-promote, Trajanic type of coins: he presented on the coin his bearded face in place of Trajan. Fundamentally, the dupondius shows not only his own legacy, but also the Hadrians political purposes: his conformity to traditional values and his desire to innovate and eventually leave his own legacy.

Obverse: Bust of Hadrian, facing right, wearing a radiate crown. The inscription on the obverse side says: IMP(erator) CAESAR TRAIANVS HADRIANVS AVG(ustus) P(ontifex) M(aximus) TR(ibunicia) P(otestas) CO(n)S(ul) III, (Emperor Caesar Trajan Hadrian Augustus, Pontifex Maximus, endowed with power of the Tribune, consul for the third time) clockwise from six oclock.

Reverse: A draped female figure, facing left, extending both arms and holding bust-like objects in each hand, perhaps the sun in her right hand and the moon in her left hand. The inscriprion is: AETERNITAS AVGVSTI (the Perpetuity of the Augustus) clockwise from seven oclock. S(enatus)C(onsulto) (by decree of the Senate) in the field.

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