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Arcimboldo, The Librarian Replica

Arcimboldo, The Librarian Replica

Although we know, what later was denigrated as Baroque, unbearable exuberance and mannerism, in the late 20th century has been praised for its early innovative, humorous and even cynical style. When Giuseppe Arcimboldo developed his unique style, using fruit and vegetable and ordinary tools to re-create his portraits, he was ridiculed and despised for his work. Sure, he also painted more orthodox work, even traditional religious subjects, but for these he is no longer known. His own self-portrait looks rather conventional, but what was admired and criticised then, has inspired many artists a few decades ago.
As with a pointillist portrait, from far, his works look like normal pictures, but the closer one gets, the more one sees the products that make up a face. Of course, it is more than making jokes of people, Arcimboldo had a deep admiration for nature. Long before Kurt Schwitters, he assembled objects and aimed for using material that characterised the pictured person. For example, he made several copies which were called The Librarian, the original of our 3D object, to create the picture, he wanted. Books were the new medium of his time (perhaps today he would create laptop stands). And yet, already after the picture was made public, people believed, he himself wanted to ridicule serious scholarship. Of course, there is criticism of learning, of wealth and leadership in his works of art, but that is what already in the 17th century artists thought they need to be. And he portrayed no unknown person. It is the portrait of Wolfgang Lazius: a famous scientist at the Habsburg court.

The Skoklosa Castle
The original (see picture) of this 3D-replica is kept in the Skoklosa Castle in Sweden, which was build between 1654 and 1676 by a wealthy military commander, count Carl Gustaf Wrangel. The castle is located on Lake Molären close to Stockholm and not far away from Uppsala. This and other famous paintings from Giuseppe Arcimboldo were taken as war booty in Prague during the 17th century. Another, equally famous picture by Arcimboldo is also held in the same castle, namely the so-called Vertumnus that pictures the face of Holy Roman emperor Rudolf II as the Roman god of the seasons, entirely made up of fruits and vegetables. This original, too, we have as a replica in 3D.

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The Librarian in small: 12cm in height
The Librarian in large: 17cm in height
The Librarian in large as a bookstand: 17cm in height

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