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The Asante live in the south of Ghana and had built an enormously powerful reign in the beginning of the 17th c. The wealth is expressed by the famous legend that a golden chair had come down from heaven and received by their first leader, Osei Tutu. Through this legend, the link between the ruler and the spiritual deities had been established while, for example, in other African tribes, the rulers were at best gifted by the divine gifts of the earthly divine. Here, however, both powers, that of earth and heaven had been united into the one of the ruler. As chairs in the house were the resting place of the ancestor's spirits, so the ruler became the resting place of all the divine powers.

There are still over 1 million living Asante. In the early days, they were mainly traders of gold, but with the upcoming colonialism, they also became slave traders. As they also collected kola nuts, which they sold as stimulants to the Muslim population in the north, the became a wealthy tribe in the early modern days. 

Art Works

The Ashanti have become famous both for their wood carvings and their works in metal and woodcarvings. As in our case here, women are core to their divine figurines, as only female members of their society decided upon the heritage line (of course, only female members of ancient societies knew and therefore had to decide upon the lineage of descendence). Hence, women figurines are very common amongst the woodcarvings of the Ashanti. Like our figurine, dolls with disk-shaped heads re-occur and reflect the Ashanti views of beauty. Perhaps, another legend mirrors these views, or enhanced the place of these figurines when it is said that once a woman who had worn such a figurine, subsequently delivered a particularly beautiful daughter. Yet, there is also another potential use of such figurines, as they had served as a replacement for a child that had disappeared. heads.


Height 21cm.

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