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Bookmark "Owl"

Bookmarks that bear beautiful historical designs are a must have souvenir from Germany for every occasion. An owl bookmark is not just beautiful and interesting to look at that will give you more pleasure, when you read a good book but is also fraught with meaning. Owls are widely known as representations of wisdom, mystery and are often found in magic folklore. This bookmark perfectly captures all these elements with the owl perched on a windowsill with a full moon sitting on dark, luminous clouds behind it.


Widely acclaimed in Western culture as a symbol of wisdom, owls are amazing creatures. Most owls are nocturnal creatures and as such their vision at night is impressive and due to their massive size in ratio to their skull, owls are unable to swivel their eyes but rather have the ability to swivel their head to a 270º angle enabling them to observe their surroundings and potential prey without needing to turn their entire body. Another powerful physical characteristic of owls are their specialized hearing. Owls have excellently acute auditory senses at certain frequencies enabling them to hear even the slightest movement of their prey under leaves, foliage, and even snow! The instant an owl pinpoints the location of its prey, it will fly toward it, keeping its head in line with the direction of the last sound the prey made. If the prey moves, an owl is able to correct its direction mid-flight. When nearing its prey, the owl brings its talons forward and spread its talons in an oval pattern, and, just before striking, will thrust its legs out in front of its face and often closes its eyes before the kill.


- Package dimensions: 20 x 6 cm
- Material: brass, gold-plated
- Custom made

- Made in Germany

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