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Christ's Crucifixion, Byzantine Ivory, Replica

Since Constantine the Great in the fourth century moved the Roman capital away from Rome to his newly built city, named after himself, a new era had begun. Soon the empire would no longer be called Roman, but Byzantine, with reference to the classical name for Constantinople (contemporary Istanbul).
With Constantine, the empire turned from a Greco-Roman culture that was deeply formed by the classical periods with a wide range of rituals, tempels, forms of worships, shrines and a lively family ancestor belief, to a more and more Greco-Roman form of Christianity. With this new imperial cult that no longer placed the Emperor himself into the center of worship, but the super-emperor of Christ, himself within a three-fold hierarchy of the Holy Spirit below him, and the Father God above him, the art scenery drastically changed. Instead of mythological iconographies which were still visible in the early Christan art scenery of the third and the fourth century, more and more biblical scenes became prominent. One of the most intriguing sceneries was Christ's Crucifixion, long before the first image of Christ's Resurrection was created.

Our Crucifixion scenery
We have chosen this replica of an original ivory, as it displays best the typical set (ivory cover of book or codex, most likely a Gospel book), and the typical iconography. The original is kept in Berlin at the famous Bode Museum, one of the largest collections of Byzantine ivories in the West. Crosses first and crucifixion scenes later were the forerunner of Christian art. The very first of these are known from papyri and manuscripts, but they soon made their way on to murals, into book illustrations, and finally into precious and expensive ivories.

Original: Berlin Bode Museum
This replica is made of raisin that comes most closely to ivory without using animal parts.
The item is hand made in the Netherlands.
The height: 16cm

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