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Female Figurine of the Cyclades 1, Replica

The Cyclades are Greek islands, not too far away from the mainland of Greece, southeast in the Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps because the island of Delos without inhabitants was almost a mystery to the people from the other islands, it was seen as the home and place of birth of the God Apollo. Yet, in the Bronze Age, this island was the centre of an entire culture the name of which escapes us. We call it according to the islands simply as Cyclades culture. As many other female idols of the Bronze Age, so this is highly abstract. It does not only remind of contemporary or 20th century abstract sculptures, but these types of figurines were indeed influential and had a great impact on abstract artists from the 20th century. Yet, they are dated to the early to middle bronze age, hence around the 3rd millennium BCE. Although we know only little about the culture of the Cyclades, we can see from this and similar figurines the value and power of women.  

Idols like this one are more than religious items, they give us a glimpse of insight into the make up of the old society of the Cyclades. Women, more often than men, represent the link with the deities, apparently female deities rather than male deities. No surprise, then, that the legend of the Amazones is linked to the Greek islands and the adjacent Asian minor stretch of land.
People who were abel to create such sophisticated art objects must have enjoyed wealth and artistic freedom of expression. We can only imagine what more there was.

Our idol
Is made after a museum piece. It is a Female figurine of the canonical type or Kapsala variety as one can see a few in the famous Museum ofCycladic Art, Athens, of the Nicholas P. Goulandris Foundation. The original was carved from marble in the Early Cycladic II period, which is the so-called Syos phase in the years between 2800 and 2300 BC

Our replica is made from a marble powder mix with raisin which has a similar stability to marble, and can be handcrafted to match the features of the original.
Our piece is, indeed, handcrafted and made in The Netherlands
Height: 18cm

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