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Mars sculpture with base 55cm silver plated

Mars Ultor - History

The Augustus forum, the second of the four Roman Forums and the first in the history of the Roman Empire, was planned by Emperor Augustus 42 BC, but inaugurated only 2 BC as an enlargement of the first Forum. In the centre of the Augustus Forum was built the Temple of Mars Ultor. In this way, the emperor reetablished Mars, the god of war in the roman mythology (corresponds to the Greek god Ares) and father of the mythological foundators of Rome city Romulus and Remus, in the focus of the religious life of the Empire and on the first place between the roman gods. But by Augustus becomes Mars an Ultor, what means an Avenger -- the divine founders of the Roman Empire revenges the murder on Julius Caesar through the Augustus victory in 42 BC at the Battle of Philippi over his assassins, whereupon Augustus planned the building of the temple.

Mars Ultor Statue

The centre-piece of the whole temple was a huge marble statue of Mars who resided in the apse of the cella ahead of five Egyptian alabaster covered steps and surrounded by the legionary standards which the Parthians had taken but which, following Roman victory, were recaptured and restored to Rome. The torso of this statue may well be the one now in the Capitoline Museums of Rome with the head, arms and legs having been restored.
The religious interpretation of god Mars by Augustus as Avenger (Ultor) was successfully accepted by the people and got a new impulse to the development of the ancient roman art to the roman empire art. The Mars Ultor statue from the temple had been several times produced as the smaller bronze, alabaster or marble sculptures for the house altars of the Romans.

Mars Ultor Replica

Our silver plated Mars Ultor Statue is a replica of one of the best preserved roman statues from the 1 century: the ancient statue is almost complete, only the lance (in the right hand) and the shield (in the left hand) are missing. The original replica created in the bronze casting shows the deity in full armor with chest armor and leg rails. The figure is 55 cm high with a genuine silver-plated surface and has a massive weight of almost 6 kg.


- Original replica
- Bronze
- Silver plated surface
- Solid weight of 5.90 kg
- Measurements (L x W x H): 14 x 20 x 55 cm

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