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Music box "Brandenburg Gate"

While the inspiration of this music box the Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor) is a historic monument in Berlin, known from all maps and cards of the German Capital, it does not mean this mini music maker does not make for an heartfelt, extravagant gift. And when you open it, you will hear the famous, but classic melody of Paul Lincke's "Berlin Air." The catchy tune does not come from any of the olden wooden boxes, but, quick, you will hear the classic sound of music from this stunning contemporary musical box that immediately animates one be in a good mood, to sing or to whistle along. The inspiration of the eye catching view, decor and design is the Brandenburg Gate with its famous Quadriga, which was completed in 1791 under the commission of then-ruler King Frederick William II. Since the it's completion in 1791 it has served as the setting for myriads of historical events and after Germany's reunification in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall became considered a symbol of peace and unity in Europe. Additionally the size of this mini music player ensures it is perfect as an addition to any interior design motif, home décor or collection without taking up so much space! Spice up your desk or adorn your dresser table with this stunning musical piece with its own whimsical, historical, musical design.

A Monumental Memorial and Living Memory

For almost 30 years (1961-1989) the Brandenburg Gate was the symbol of division not only between the two German states, pulled apart a result of World War II and divided between the flag of the GDR and its Western counterpart, but also between the Democratic West and the Communist East. Ever since then the Brandenburg Gate has remained to be one of Berlin's best-known monuments. Since 1989, this memorial turned into a living memory of shame and fame, a politics of inhuman behaviour and of people's courage to overcome whatever is build against them. Today, the old 'death-strip' has given place to the Holocaust memorial and the words of German's President Richard von Weizsackers echo this: The German question has become the question of an open world and the opened Brandenburg Gate reminds of the importance of freedom in it.


- As an exclusive Museum shop product you will not find it in any shop.
- Dimensions:6.8 cm in diameter; 4 cm in height
- Material: Plexiglas, gold plated 18 note musical work with plated rim
- Custom made
- Made in Germany

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